CryptoRand - A High Performance System for Generation and Testing of Random Number Sequences for Cryptographic Applications

Motto: "In essence, no cryptography can take place without random bits." (Tom St. Denis)

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The CryptoRand project belongs to the category of research projects with theoretical and practical character, interdisciplinary, situated at the junction between computer science, cryptography, statistics, probability theory, electronics, electrotechnics and telecommunications.

The main objective of this project is the study and development of a high performance integrated system for generation and testing of random number sequences for cryptographic applications, a competitive system with other existing international systems, but more complete and superior from the performance point of view.

Starting from the experience of the team members in the field, and from the preliminary experiments with other similar systems, the project proposes the elaboration of a system that is more complex than other similar systems and aims to offer at least 100% higher performance (on multi-core architectures). The project aims at developing a high performance integrated system consisting of the following modules:
  • PseudoRand
  • UnpredRand
  • TrueRand
  • TestRand
  • GuiRand
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Alin Suciu, PhD.
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